Welcome to TechnoKids-LSCS I.T.Cup website!

In the midst of progressive digital advancement, the human race's ability to use and experiment with technology faces a critical tipping point in the realization that with advances comes risks. This opens us up to take the discourse to a higher level with this year’s theme: “Digital Citizenship”.

It’s no secret that we've cemented our future to coexist with the available technology. Destruction presents itself with the irresponsible use of humans to cast shadows of doubt in this current age. Pioneering minds aim to overcome this hurdle by developing and innovating to continue the momentum of the digital age. But the key to sustaining it is moving onwards!

The burden rests on the budding brilliant minds of this generation. The answer was here all along: proper education of users and regulation of use to maximize technological potential is vital to the stability of a high-tech tomorrow!

Protect the movement. Be in the know. Secure your DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP!